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There are instances when some man after buying cheapest Viagra took overdose which caused several health problems to him. Though he did not die, he for sure has gone through traumatic experience. Therefore, men in order to get maximum fun should not take extra pills as that can cause numerous physical and psychological issues. Similarly, men should avoid taking alcohol when they are taking Viagra for the reason that the admixture of the two can give complex disorder in the form of failed organs or functionality.

Though Cheap Generic Viagra is prescribed for those who have problems in getting a hard when thinking of doing sex, it is being used heavily by men for fun and enjoy more sex. However, they should avoid taking overdose of these pills for it can not only create problems for themselves but also to his sex partner. Not many months ago, a guy in Bangkok took more than couple of Viagra pills and forced his wife for continuous sex for hours. Finally the poor women fell unconscious and was hospitalized. Later on she filed for divorce.

Viagra overdose has been dangerous for even young guys who do not have any health problem. In an incidence in Russia a young chap took more than 12 Viagra pills thinking that he would be able to satiate two women who were with him. Alas! The poor chap was not able even to control himself and died of heart attack after sex marathon. So, it is up to men what they want from Viagra; a limited use can enhance their sex life; however, an overdose does not necessarily gives thrills, rather kills.

Some Known Side-effects From Viagra

As Viagra in generic form is being sold at low cost, men have started consuming them more commonly than ever. However, flip side of such a development is that the cheap Viagra lures men who do not really need them. Such men then use the drug for pleasure and that can be dangerous trend they set up for themselves. Some men complain about continued erection which can be highly problematic; not all kinds of erection are pleasing!

Apart from continued erection, some men faced problems with respect to hearing. A new study shows that Viagra can heighten the risk of hearing loss. The research conducted shows that persistent use of Viagra can damage hearing senses. Therefore, men should use Viagra only after consulting a physician and do not buy on their own, even if they buy generic Viagra they should read the recommendations written on the wrapper for safety and security.

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